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Affiliate Marketing Tools you can use to increase sales and make a real difference to your on-line business.

The one think I love about the internet marketing community is the imagination and invention that is constantly bubbling around you. The are hundreds of new products a month coming through, some good, some bad and some that are pure Genius.

I like to bring you the cream of the crop and this week we have a few noteworthy contenders.

Click Jacker 1.5 | Video Below

Click Jacker 1.5This is one of those strokes of genius. A plugin for WordPress which I’m personally using.

Now, you need to go to the sales page and watch what the creator of the plugin can do with it but I saw a real massive traffic driving potential from this and it solved a particular problem that has bugged me FOR YEARS.

You know that you need to post useful stuff on you social media platforms, you can’t just promote all the time. In fact in reality the only real engagement you normally get is if you are sharing something funny, motivating or has some real informational advantage to your reader.

The problem with this is that you are always sending them to someone else’s site. In other words you have lost them.

Now.. what if you could send them to the same information such as a joke page, motivational video or an interesting piece of industry news and while they are reading it, your pop up appears telling them about your offer or an affiliate offer?

I’ve been using this and getting some good results. I even went so far as to great a little news site which uses this technique and although I only have about 6 posts on this site I am using it to direct people from social media and have already made affiliate sales using this system so give this one a try.

WATCH THE VIDEO to see how I use it.

Rapid Content Wizard | Video Below

I know because of my Digital Agency business (Digital CascadeRapid Content Wizard) that people hate creating content. One of our major services is to create content for our clients and businesses are happy to pay for that service because of the organic raking that results from well engineered, high quality and highly optimised content.

If you can’t afford this type of service it means that you HAVE to create your own content, but consistently writing blog posts can be a little boring at best and sole destroying at worst. In fact the latter is normally the norm. This is where Rapid Content Wizard comes in.

The concept is to pull in and spin content from other sites. It’s not foolproof and you still have to check the content but it saves a ton of time if you have to create content on a consistent basis.

It not only pulls in text and spins the text to create highly original material which is very important, but it also pulls in pictures and video to create highly engaging posts.

Take a look at the video for more information

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Posted on Aug 3, 2013

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