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The Business Marketing Dynamics Coaching Program gives you the rare opportunity to solidify your business and nail down your marketing goals.


You will be able to give your marketing structure and direction.

Every business needs to have a solid direction and a clear business and marketing plan in order to grow. Sometimes you as a business owner can be too close to the business to see opportunity and potential.

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You also have to realize that Business Marketing is a skill which although can be learnt, sometimes it’s financially wise to use an external agency, a mentor or coach to help you take your business forward, help you create and understand your marketing decisions, and hold you to account for your actions and monitor your progress..

There are many proven benefits associated with professional marketing coaching.

Research shows that individuals and businesses who actively engage in a coaching relationship discover a new perspective and a deeper understanding of their business, their target audience and their customers. 

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The consequence of this deeper understanding is you enhance your decision making skills, you will have clear goals and confidence in your direction. The biggest winner here is your bank balance.
[imaioVideo v=1] Business Marketing Coaching can help any business owner or senior executive set higher goals which can be reached faster and with better results. You will be able to make better decisions, decisions that will take you business marketing to another level.

My coaching program is designed to unlock your marketing skills to maximise your knowledge so you completely understand your business and how to market your business to your targeted audience.

I know from experience that many business owners have tried to learn these skills and failed because the training environment can never give you that deep understanding of WHY a process works and how to shape it for YOUR business to maximize its effect.

Marketing is all about people and psychology, it has little to do with technology. The problem is that to market your business successfully you need to understand the psychology and how to best use it to market you and your business in the most effective way and at the same time build focused marketing campaigns which uses technology, external business and planned coordination.

Only you can control your business and your marketing. Coaching enables you to take command and direct external 3rd parties with clarity and purpose knowing that your coach is there to support and advise you at every step.
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Having clear set goals and a experienced marketing coach to help you achieve those goals can save you so much time and money. I know many small business owners that have been lost in indecision for years and watched their competitors march past them and take the best customers.

This can change.. Call Andy Phillips on 07867 546 101 to book a free initial 30 minute session to find out how business marketing coaching can help you and your business reach your business marketing goals and ambitions.

Kick start your small business marketing with some expert coaching you will get your own secured and personalised coaching site where you can openly discuss your business in confidence and get access to all the coaching sessions and a comprehensive training program which rides alongside your core coaching.

Pricing & Information

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