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Andy Phillips

Mobile 07867 546 101 

email – andy@businessforlife.co.uk

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  1. Carol says:

    Hi Andy, I am very interested in your themes in your package. I have attempted to find out more information on your site before I purchase. All I find is the squeeze page to purchase info. What do they look like, how do they function, do you have a theme demo page set up to look at the themes and experience how they work?

  2. Uri Gilad says:

    Dear Andy
    I follow your news letters, as well I buy a domaim from Go daddy
    and registed TO Host Gator. but i have problem to locat the DNS
    to the hosteg .
    I copy the NS to the DNS Manager in go daddy site and waited 24hrs, and I’v not access to WP
    can you try to help with registration?
    thanks URI

  3. Neil says:

    Hi, I downloaded your free sales page but I can’t see where to upload the theme at wordpress.com ?

    Can you please help.

    Neil (Australia)

    • Andy says:

      Hi Neil

      You need to use WordPress.org not WordPress.com the .com version is hosted by WordPress and no where near as good as the WordPress product everyone uses for sales Pages, landing Pages, Blogs and Websites.

      You need to buy a URL (Godaddy)
      Get some hosting (Hostgator)

      Upload a version of WordPress to your host and then you can apply any of the FREE or paid Themes I or anyone else does.

      It would be worth your time to learn how to get a WordPress site up for yourself..

      It will open up a whole new world of marketing.

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