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Webinar Express | This week has been incredibly interesting. I’m still getting lots of emails about Webinar Express even though it’s out of launch and selling to the general public.

How Would You Like To Do A Webinar When
Ever You Wanted A NEVER EVER PAY

 I gave this a 5 Star Rating for a very good reason


The main question is about price.. Look the price at launch was low and I did advise you to get it at that point if you thought it was something you could use in your business. The price has gone up, but it’s still a steal even at the “To Public” price.

If you are using GoToWebinar you will be paying AT LEAST $99.00 every month. Webinar Express costs just $297 as a one off cost. It’s a WordPress plug-in and is really easy to use.

Webinar Express Software Information

In essence it uses streaming technology such as Google Hangouts On Air (Which Is BRILLIANT By The Way) and enable you to create the Webinar experience including registration.. This in itself is worth the money, to be able to register people directly to your list is a must nowadays.

PLUS The Hangout goes directly to YouTube which means instant replay online you can market out. This is cutting down the technical ability needed whilst become part of the Social network Revolution which REALY MATTERS.

You needs to build leads, this is one of the MAIN ways I’m creating massive input to my lists today.

Webinar Express Advantages

Webinar Express Software Information

If you are in business, you need to keep up with this type of technology so take a look at it and if you have any questions let me know and I’ll do another Webinar on the product. Or alternatively just buy it.. If you but through my link I will invite you to a very special webinar using this software and give you a guided tour or how it works and how you can use it to create a flood of new leads to your business..

Webinar Express Software Information

Another Major advantage is the ability to talk directly to your audience!!

There is no doubt that one of the biggest advantages is the ability to use the Hangout technology within your Webinar. Including the ability to talk directly to camera. The truth is that this engagement has a profound effect on your webinar audience.

In my last webinar I spoke directly to my audience during the close and the reaction was amazing and my closure rate massive.. You have got to try this out!

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Posted on Jul 4, 2013

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