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Firstly let’s get one thing straight, Squeeze, Landing and Sales Pages can use a lot of the same technology such as the platform you use to present your Squeeze Page on. It could be a html built site or a site which uses a Content Management System such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal.


It seems like the most popular choice is the WordPress Platform, and there are some very good reasons for that. WordPress lends itself to Landing Pages because of its ease of use where adding content to the site is concerned and its ability to use suitable themes which dictates the design.

There are some WordPress Landing Page Themes available which are worth looking at where all you have to do is add your content, a video and either a opt in form or a PayPal Button, and it’s done.

So what are the main components of a high Converting Sales Page?

It can be broken down in to 6 main sections. The first is the “Killer headline”, the idea here is to capture the interest of site visitors instantly. Most of the time they would have reached your landing page through one of two different routes, either from a search carried out on Google or another search engine, which is called organic search. The other way is through a paid link of some description, such as a Google Ad or through Facebook Advertising. Whichever way people get to your site, they have got there because they are searching for a solution to a problem. In the case of organic search (which is the one to really aim for when optimizing your site) the internet visitor would have put a keyword or phrase into the search engine and we have optimized our page to get at least on the first page of Google so we have a chance of getting this potential client to click through to our site.

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Our Killer headline MUST answer the problem the searcher was looking for. For example, if someone puts into Google the query, “brown trilby hat” and gets presented with a host of results, one of which is your site, you want to make very sure that when that prospect clicks onto your site that the headline they read gives them the solution to their query such as, “Highest Quality Brown Trilby Hats At The Lowest Prices In Europe – Delivered World – Next DAY!!!” Now that’s an attention grabber!

Ok, the next item on our list which has proven to convert more people when included is a video. Video, has proven to keep prospects on a page longer and therefore giving you a better opportunity to convert them. It is a great idea to reinforce the sales message in the video, again stating that you have the solution to their primary problem. Technically you need a video which is wide screen and in High Definition if possible. The most important thing with a video is the message. Strong narration is essential.

Next we have our first “Soft Call To Action”. This is usually a phone number, this is mainly because someone may have been to your site previously and already decided to use your product or service and just need to contact you. The other reason is that your headline and video were so good and the phone number in a prominent place will spur them into action.

The next element is the supporting text or “Body Copy” as it’s known. This has to be carefully written; in fact this could be the most difficult part of the process of putting together a great Squeeze or sales page. But here’s a bit of advice. Just be succinct and tell the truth about your product or service. Don’t try and be clever for the sake of it and focus on benefits rather than features. If fact, bullet point features and explain concisely the benefits of those features below them.

It’s also a great idea to look at other sales pages and see how they have been put together. The next part of the equation is getting their information. In other words getting a lead, this is exactly what a squeeze page is for. Never try to sell a product, concentrate on getting a “Name” and “email”. To be able to do this we need to use the last two elements in conjunction.

1 – Free Gift or “Ethical Bribe”.

2 – Opt In Form, to capture the lead.

It is a fact that people are more reluctant to give their name, email or any other data without a really good reason. That reason is usually that you will give them something of great perceived value in exchange for their details.

This is where the “Ethical Bribe” concept comes in. Depending on your niche or industry, you will need to create something that people want; this could take the form of a specially prepared report, a specialised technique, or a clever way of doing something which most people have no idea about. The report does not have to be a downloadable document, it could be a DVD or CD delivered to their door, that’s if you need their address on your database. If not, then you can create a simple video or audio series.

The point is that the prospect has to see this as a really good deal, and therefore prepared to give you their details.

A sales page is very similar, with the exception that you want them to click on a “Buy Now” button and purchase something. This works best with downloadable product.

Building these sites is very easy with the right WordPress Squeeze Page Themes , all you have to do is add the text and the video and publish.

The Six Elemants Of A Squeeze Page Are

1 – Killer HeadLine

2 – Video

3 – Soft Call To Action

4 – Supporting Text (Body Copy)

5 – Ethical Bribe 6 – Opt In Form

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Posted on Aug 28, 2012

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