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This is gonna sound pretty wild, but there is a legal loophole for getting cheap clicks on Facebook. Actually, it’s not really a loophole – it’s just an insanely effective way of targeting on Facebook. You already know Facebook is a data monster. They track EVERYTHING that happen on their site, and because of so many other sites integrating with their “like” feature, a ton of stuff that happens on other sites also!

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Here’s the key to unlocking cheap traffic on Facebook

More Information On $0.2 FB Clicks!

Andrew Murray, Chris Blair and Matt Stefanik are 3 marketers who have really pushed the envelope here in teaching how this works. In fact, they took a group of people who had NEVER marketed on Facebook, and turned them into major list-builder players with just their product, $.02 FB Clicks in a very short amount of time!

In the course, they made it so detailed that you can see every single mouse click they make while they create a campaign that flat-out gets results. If you can watch a video, you’ll be able to implement this. And at two cents a click, you can get 1000 clicks for $20. That’s insanely cheap!


More Information On $0.2 FB Clicks!

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Posted on Jul 14, 2013

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