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As you may be aware, I use lots of tools to help me rank, get leads, convert leads to sales and create more social engagement for my websites and blogs. The truth is the more people you get to your site and actually get them to do something the more your site will get ranked which means more leads and more sales. The equation is simple.

The problem has always been the amount of shinny objects out there and the issue of sifting through them. That’s why we do all that for you and bring you the ones we think matter. The great think is that even though some are premium products, in other words they cost money, the price is usually so small that it really makes no impression on the running costs of your business but could when used create more revenue.

I’m not saying buy everything we tell you about but you need to look at some of these tools and decide which ones WILL make a difference to your business

Here are some we have reviewed recently
Protect Your Content From Online Thieves. | Plagiarism Avenger
This is a WordPress Plug-in which periodically searches the internet for stolen or scraped content from YOUR site. This is crucial if you want to enuse the hard work you put in to creating original content stays original. Content thieves can destroy your organic ranking. That is why this is so important. If your ranking suffers your leads and sales suffer to.

On top of finding content copied from your site it will also help you issue a DCMA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) which orders a website to take down your content. MORE>>>

Hijack Sites You Promote | Click Jacker
I’m in love with this little plug-in. It solved a very real issue for me. I know that to get a better ranking I need to share sites on my Social Media sites and on my blog. The problem was that sending people to other people sites ment they were not on mine and I could not send them to my products or any of my affiliate offers.

Click Jacker is a powerful tool which enables you to share other people content on SM or your blog. When they go to that content a pop up comes up after a predetermined time which could lead back to either a lead generation or sales page of mine or I can send them to a CPA or Affiliate offer. I can’t tell you how powerful this is.

It means that I am getting more sign ups and more affiliate sales because of it.

Consider this. I can sahes a piecs of content from a major blogging site on “Men’s Health” Oce my social media visitor clicks on the link they will go through to a health article relating to a men’s health issue, then after 15 seconds a pop up comes up which offers the exact product they need which is related to that article. They click the pop up and get taken straight through to a CPA or affiliate offer. MORE…

Facebook Marketing Strategy | $0.2 FB Clicks
Facebook is a powerful marketing platform which can be quite expensive if you don’t have a strategy and the righ techniques. This product called $0.2 FB Click shows you a little know technique along with other strategies to drive down your facebook advertising whilst laser targeting your target audience. I have started using this technique and it’s working really well and the cost of each click is mega low.

I’m using another product along with this one to shortcut the Facebook lead generation process. This product is called Social lead Freak. This enables you to quickly extract facebook ID’s onto a database. Awesome product to use along with $0.2 FB Clicks MORE…

That’s all for this week and please feel free to share this post if you think it may help others. I’d also welcome any comments of queries in the comments box below.

Till next time, here’s to your success

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Posted on Aug 8, 2013

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