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Your Essential Guides To On-Line Business Success!
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DO NOT PASS GO!! OK a little over dramatic, but these reports will help you understand and implement some simple but essential steps you MUST take to market your business in the on-line world today.

These are the guides I release to my clients and are the real blueprints to local and national business success. These guides are not filled with fluff about my childhood and or some “god awful” rags to riches story! Right from the first page I layer content upon content which are the essential rules and techniques of marketing your business successfully today.

Report 1 – The Secrets Of Local Business Marketing
In this report I highlight 10 key areas that you must do in order to make the most of your business marketing.

I cover everything to make your business a success even if it’s not what is usually known as a “Local Business” In fact every business will discover new ideas and concepts that will take your business to a whole new level..

In This Report
In this comprehensive guide to Local Business Marketing. I have broken the information down into 10 focused chapters or steps which are easy to follow and simple to implement. The Report covers the following areas.

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  • Customer Profiling | Understand exactly who you are selling to and how you need to create all your marketing efforts to satisfy your clients need
  • Defining Your Target Market | Where you should focus your efforts for maximum return
  • Creating A Marketing Fund | How to finance your marketing for exponential growth
  • Your Marketing Hub | The role your website plays as part of your on-line marketing presence
  • The Social Inclusion | How to use the Social Networks to explode your message
  • The Local marketing Trilogy | Nothing works in isolation and you need to understand how off-line methods can work in unison with your on-line marketing
  • Direct Mail Marketing | Using your on-line marketing to support direct mail campaigns
  • Marketing Strategy | The key to taking action is planning
  • PLUS Lots more..


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Report 2 – Lead Generation Blueprint
This report focuses wholly on the business of generating on-line. This has to be the most important learning you can do once you’ve understood the principles laid out in REPORT 1 (The Secrets Of Local Business Marketing)

In This Report
This is an essential guide to generating leads for your business using proven techniques. There are many sections in this comprehensive report including an introduction to R.A.V.E.
R.A.V.E. stands for Reputation, Authority, Visibility and Engagement and is the very first thing you MUST do in order to create the core foundation of your on-line marketing. It also is an essential part of your overall marketing including your off line marketing.

This is so comprehensive that it also tells you want content actually works for best ranking. The full report covers the following chapters

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  • Your 5 Step Process To Build A Laser Targeted List | Building a database of the right people is essential to any business
  • The R.A.V.E. Process | Why is this so important? Building your reputation and authority on-line positions you as the “Go To” person in your niche or industry. This process also creates mass visibility through content optimization leading to  higher engagement levels
  • The Engagement Process | This is what it’s all about. The genuine ability to engage with prospects and customers is paramout to business success.
  • The Bridge To Offer Sequence | A proven method using easily available automated email systems. This really is the “secret source” you’ve been looking for!
  • The Followup | How to follow up easily and close those deals
  • Driving Traffic | Traffic driving methods


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You will also get regular communication on all the latest marketing products, services, themes, plug-ins and training that will help you and your business to take advantage of the incredible power of the Internet and to be able to leverage the Social Networks.

Keeping up to date with what real world on-line marketers are using every day to get more leads and sales is essential.

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  1. Katy Adams says:

    Hi Andy
    Just checking what you are up to, I have finished with my franchise of Medics on the Move and am now opening a new independant company – Belhus Properties, I have delayed the opening due to one thing and another and now have decided to have the ‘grand’ a bit concerned about that in two weeks time! Katy (ex IT)

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