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Just a quick e-mail – as I am knackered and brain dead now – to thank you for your excellent consultative and training day that you gave Deborah and I at our premises today.

Your leadership and directives were easy to follow and your patience was saintly!!

I am amazed that today we actually have two sites up and running, and I am even more impressed that I was even able to do them myself. You personal assistance combined with Yvonne’s help and intuitive attention to detail at the end of the phone made today a very successful and worthwhile investment.

Over the 20+ years that I have been in business I have attended many training session, have paid thousands in consultancy, and have met many so called ‘internet marketing guru’s’.

Without exception your input today, combined with Yvonne’s support, was worth every penny and far exceeded expectations. As a business we have achieved more in one day then we have achieved in years of engaging the services of many who advertise themselves as ‘experts’ in this field.

What impressed Deborah and I most of all was your giving attitude. You are totally customer focussed and customer driven. More than that, you are also prospect focussed. Not in a primarily profit / income generation way (as many are), but in a way that ensures that businesses focus on providing the best that their customers deserve.

I have spent literally tens of thousands of pounds on attending marketing seminars and events and buying and trying various methods and practices. My advice to anyone looking to gain a functional, practical, pragmatic and easy to follow set of instructions is to pay you to come and work with them for a day. The cost of which will be easily re-couped by the savings and gains they will make from working with you.

A very good and close business associate of mine always says: “To be successful in business you either have to help people make money or help them save money”. We made AND saved money today.
Thank you and Yvonne once again for an exceptional day.

Best Regards

Mark Dawes

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