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Everybody’s talking about outsourcing, it seems such a good idea but there has always been a massive pitfall and that’s training your outsource team.

Now Chris Ducker and Mark Thompson have just released Virtual Staff Finder Academy. This is a comprehensive VA Training program so all the hard word has been done for you.

It’s a massive life saver, if you want to employ Virtual Assistants but have little time or skill to train them on WordPress, SEO and Social Media. This product will do it for you

Virtual Staff Finder Academy covers all this in 75 + Videos which is over 15 hours of training. Take a look and you’ll see that Chris and his Outsource trainer has really covered every angle


What this does is free you up to reap the rewards. There is nothing like having well trained VA’s working on your business whist you get on with making the money.

This one training program can teach your Virtual Assistants all the general internet marketing skills to build your reputation and authority online as well as raising your
visibility and with the comprehensive Social Media Training section will help you to build a platform of engagement.

It teaches your VA about everyday needs of every business:
– Tasks
– Resources
– Tools
– Software

Chris Ducker’s Virtual Staff Finder Academy Includes 75+ Videos and Over 15 Hours of Training:

– Module 1: General Virtual Assistant Skills
(28 Videos, Total of 5 Hours and 25 mins)

– Module 2: Working with WordPress
(10 Videos, Total of 2 Hours and 40 mins)

– Module 3: Social Media Marketing
(16 Videos, Total of 3 Hours and 22 mins)

– Module 4: Search Engine Optimization
(12 Videos, Total of 1 Hours and 44 mins)

– Module 5: Email Marketing & Newsletters
(9 Videos, Total of 2 Hours)

– Bonus: Virtual Boss Video Series
(3 Videos on Maximizing Relationships with
your VAs)

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It’s time to remove yourself from the tasks that are eating up your days and start focusing on GROWING your business.




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Posted on Aug 23, 2013

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