I was asked last night (At My 10th Wedding Anniversary Party) why I promote products on my site which sort of puzzled me a bit. The person asking the question was eager to make money online and has been trying for 2 to 3 years now.

I told him that I am a marketer, I market products and services of my own and those of others. He came back with this “Surly, if you just market everything constantly, you can’t be taken seriously?”

This is a valid question by relies on a floored understanding.. The assumption is that I market ANYTHING! I don’t..

I purchase a lot of products and use those products in my business, many become essential to the online strategies I employ within my business. I purchase training, WordPress Themes, WordPress plug-in’s and stand alone software. I also get given product to review from people who know my subscribers buy.

Take a look below at the products I buy through just one of the platforms I use..

So I’m buying or using the products I talk about and placing them within strategies in order to increase my list, promote my business, engage with prospects or to sell products. It’s the reason why I make money and many people don’t including the guy from last night, so to answer him simply..

“I promote products on my site for 2 reasons:

  1. I make money from them.
  2. I promote product which I know my audience may be interested in. I know that if they use them within their on and offline businesses they will be able to let more leads and sales, become more visible on-line and be able to engage with the market much easier.

One of the reasons I like to promote products through companies like JVzoo is simply because they are always dirt cheap, you see this is the platform where on-line marketers sell to other on-line marketers. The prices are so low because they want to shift a lot to a hungry audience quickly. These launches often net 6 figures just selling to marketers.

Internet Marketing Answers | One the initial launch is over the products are often released to the general public for a much higher price. A typical example of this is Webinar Express which retails now for $297 and is worth every cent of that price, pay this one off cost and you’ll save a fortune on GoToWebinar which is $99.00 every month and that’s the lowest product they do. I was spending nearly 4K with them..

So for just $297 it will take just 3 months to pay for itself, phenomenal value!

However at launch through the Marketers forums this was selling to other marketers at just $27. I think my subscribers want to know about that. If it wasn’t for me my client would have missed this price. Now I have clients emailing me and thanking me for the heads up.

So you must be ethical and honest with your prospects, clients and your subscribers and you will be rewarded in more than just financial terms.

I get lots of great feedback from the people on my list and they often let me know how they get on with the software, these experiences can be good and bad. I have to say they are mostly good but even if someone can’t get on with a WordPress plug-in or the training wasn’t what they though, they can always get a refund if they really don’t like what they bought. Just a word of warning though, serial refunders get blacklisted VERY quickly and to be honest it is a downward spiral karma wise to do that.

I hope this has given a little insight into my thought process and how I believe you should be thinking if you want to get any level of success on-line.

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Posted on Jul 14, 2013

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